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From Humble Beginnings...

  Back in 1991, A young William was introduced to a man named Robert Diaz.  Robert was operating one of the premier mobile DJ companies in the San Francisco Bay Area called The Sound Experience.  At the time, William had never worked in the music business in any capacity.  Robert was impressed with William's willingness to learn and great work ethic.  From there a great working relationship was born.  

   William made his premier DJing in October of 1991 under the supervision of Robert at a middle school Halloween dance.  From there William continued to do events for Robert and The Sound Experience for the next nine years.  There were no types of events they did not do. Everything from weddings to fraternity parties and even bar/nightclub.  William also began to build his own collection of equipment and working on his own as well.  Along with mobile events, William also began to make regular appearances at bars and nightclubs.  William also designed and installed his first lighting system during this time period as well.


The Move To Florida

   In the year 2000, William took a big risk leaving everything behind and relocating to Central Florida.  He almost left the event entirely and pretty much worked as a referral only DJ until around 2004.  In 2005 William began doing more events and quite a bit of bar/restaurant work in Lake County.  It was here in 2005 where William met Thomas Mansfield.  Thomas and William immediately hit it off and began to work together at serval locations in Lake County.  It is also here where they did several more lighting, sound, and projection installations.   Thomas and William also collaborated on bringing The Apopka Halloween House to the community.

   In 2011 William reconnected with a high school sweetheart named Christina Bryant.  Christina took to learning the event business very well upon her arrival.  She now is a big part of what we do and face you will see at almost every event we do.

   In 2016 Thomas reconnected with Kyli.  Thomas had previously met Kyli while working a club job in Mt. Dora.  In November of 2017, Kyli and Thomas were married (with William officiating).  Since that time Kyli has come on board and become an invaluable member of the team.

   Since this time EventOne has become the company you know and see today.  Adding photo booth and vintage video and may other services.  With our eye on the future and technology, we will continue to grow and expand or offerings!  Stay tuned to see what EventOne has to offer.