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   EventOne does not offer packages in the traditional sense.  We do not feel it should be up to our customers to decide if they need the "deluxe light show", or the "big sound system".  We feel you reach out to us because you would like our help in making these decisions for you! (It's our business to know)  

   At EventOne, We get to know you, your guests, your type of event, number of guests, and the size and type of venue.  We then use this information to design a system and show that Is a perfect fit for your event.  Of course we do offer premium add ons and are always willing to accommodate any special requests.


So What Do We Do?

  What EventOne DOES offer is packaging of our premium services for your special event.  By packaging your services with EventOne, you can simplify your planning by only working with one provider for two or more services all while realizing a significant savings!


What Services Can Be Packaged?

You can package every service we offer.  Package two services and save around $200 over what we would charge if booked separately.  Book three services and save over $300!   Also you will realize even a bigger savings over what you would pay with one of our competitors.  Sometimes you will pay less for two of our services then you would for one service from one of our competitors!


Superior Value And Services!

Not only can EventOne provide you with an amazing value when you package services, but the services you receive are far superior to those offered by our competitors at more then twice the price!  Check our pictures and videos, check those of our competitors and I'm sure you will agree that EventOne brings fantastic value and amazing services that few can match!

Want To Learn More?

  Reach out to us anytime and we'll be happy to show you what EventOne can do for you!

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