Happy New Year From Your Friends At EventOne!!


  Planning a special event or recurring themed night at your nightclub, restaurant, or bar?  EventOne is here to help.  EventOne can assist from the planning, promoting, all the way thru the performing at your venue.



  With over 25 years of nightclub, restaurant, and bar experience: EventOne has the knows how to attract a crowd and keep them coming back for more!



 Have an idea for your night? We can help!  Need an idea? We can REALLY help!  From 80's nights, Karaoke, or just a fun mix, EventOne can put together a night filled with great music, lighting, and fun activities.  We can even provide video game cabinets to really enhance the fun!



  Not only will EventOne put on a great show, but we will help you promote it as well!  EventOne designs their own promotional materials in house and has the online know how to get your message to the people!

We're Here To Help

  Contact EventOne today and see what we can do to bring your venue and profits to another level!