Happy New Year From Your Friends At EventOne!!

Why EventOne For Your Photo Booth Event

With so many different Photo Booths and providers on the market, it can be confusing to say the least for you to decide what option is right for you.  Your friends at EventOne are here to show you why we use the system we do and how it compares to other common systems you'll see.


Selfie Station (What We Do)

EventOne really did their homework before entering into the photo booth market.  After careful consideration we chose the Selfie Station!  Selfie Station really brings all the great features of other types of booths all together in one package.

Large Preview Screen

Selfie Station's large 32" portrait touchscreen allows everyone to see what's going on.

Room For Everyone!

With our large backdrops (Up To 10 ft.) It is possible to get groups of 15 to 20 people in one shot!  More people equals more fun!

Built For Speed

No system is better at dealing with large crowds then Selfie Station. With our experienced attendants at the controls, be assured that EventOne  can keep even the largest crowds moving.  Our printer delivers photo quality prints in under 9 seconds.  Our lightning fast DSLR booth interface keeps everything moving.

Quality Photos Every Time

Our SLR cameras deliver high quality pictures shot after shot.  Fully adjustable zoom and framing allows us to get the perfect shot every time.  Our high power modeling light and strobe deliver consistent shots regardless of the elements at the venue.


The Selfie Station is a compact slim kiosk that seamlessly blends into every event while still delivering more features and flexibility then then its competitors.

Sharing And Printing

Not only is our printer fast, but it can deliver either 2x6 photo strips or 4x6 prints.  Take your print with you now, and share  on social media later.  With text, E mail, or Twitter sharing options your photo can be wherever you want it to be.


Classic Photo Booth

The classic photo booth everyone remembers from the mall or the amusement park.  They sure were fun but they have many limitations as well.  First off forget about large group shots.  Its a challenge to just fit 3 people in there.  You are pretty much limited to whatever background color the booth has as well.  Also, most pictures are limited to just being head shots. In many cases these booths can only print 2x6 photo strip, further limiting your options.  These booths are large, bulky, heavy, and in some instances may not even fit into venues. 


Compact Kiosk

Probably the least desirable of all options.  These should be the least expensive of all photo booth systems and typically are unattended.  Small preview screen and a low quality webcam with typically no strobe are among the features we like least.  


Mirror Booth

One of the newest systems on the market.  The mirror booth is known for its flashy graphics and clever design.  It is however, dreadfully slow.  If you have large groups waiting it can really become frustrating for your guests.  Do you really want to wait while the people in front of you play tic tac toe?  Also with its internal camera with limited ability to zoom it can be quite the challenge to take large group shots.  Along with this is the mirror booth really relies on guests to center and frame themselves up for a quality shot.

Along with providing the highest quality system on the market, EventOne also 

delivers exceptional value.

-Unlimited 2x6 or 4x6 prints (Your choice at NO additional cost)

-Unlimited Online photo sharing (EventOne always has internet access)

-Two LARGE tables of props (More then twice as many as most competitors)

-Our booths are ALWAYS attended at NO extra charge

-All photos are available for viewing or download through our SmugMug page (At NO extra cost) 

Reach out to us today and let us put together a photo booth event your guests won't soon forget!