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-What kind of events can I use EventOne's photo booth services for?


EventOne's photo booth services are ideal for almost any event.  Weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, corporate events or team builders, school events, reunions, anniversaries, fundraisers, bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah, or quinceaneras are just some examples.

-How far in advance should I book my photo booth with EventOne?

We suggest you book as early as possible to ensure your date is available (especially true during busy times such as the holiday season).

-My venue requires insurance - Do you carry liability insurance?  

Yes! We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy. We're happy to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance.

-Do you require a deposit to reserve EventOne's photo booth services?  

Yes, 50% deposit is required to reserve our services for your event date.  We accept checks, cash, and credit card payments.  Deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE up to two weeks prior to your event date.

-Can you brand the exterior of the photo booth?  

Yes! You can brand our kiosk with your logo, website, custom hashtag, or almost anything you wish!

-Can I use my logo on the photo templates?  

Yes! We design your photo template the way you want them.  You can incorporate any design elements you wish!

-How can I incorporate my event's hashtag into the photo booth?


Your hashtag can be added to the branding on the kiosk.  It also can be added to the photo template, and/or added into the SMS and email sharing messages that are along with photos.

-What digital photo sharing options do you offer?


Guests can share their photos via SMS, email, or to their twitter account right from the photo booth.  EventOne ALWAYS has their own WiFi!

-Can EventOne's photo booth be used to collect data from my guests?


Yes! Our booth is capable of collecting email addresses and other data by using our email capture and survey features. Data is collected and provided to you in spreadsheet format.

-What time will EventOne show up for my event?

Typically EventOne will allow a minimum of two hours for set up time before your guests arrive.

-Does EventOne charge for set up, tear down, and travel time?

No.  EventOne only charges for photo booth performance time.  We only charge for travel if your event is outside of our service area.

-How much space is required to set up the photo booth?

Ideally we would have a 12 foot by 12 foot area to set up.  However EventOne is well equipped to work around most limitations at your venue.

-What are EventOne's power requirements?

For most events, we only require one electrical outlet within 20 feet of the photo booth area.  All cords are securely taped down for the safety of your guests.

-Can I bring my own backdrop?

Yes! We suggest a minimum of a 8 foot by 8 foot backdrop with a 3 1/2" top pole pocket.

-What size backdrops does EventOne use?

EventOne uses 10 foot wide by 8 foot tall backdrops typically.  Though we have the ability to adjust the size to fit into more compact spaces.

-What types of backdrops does EventOne offer?

EventOne has many backdrop options.  We use sequined backdrops available in many popular colors.  You can even use different color panels to create your own custom combination.  EventOne can also have custom step and repeat vinyl banners printed for your event.

-Does EventOne offer green screen backdrops?

Yes.  Check our green screen section for full details on this service.

-What kind of cameras do EventOne use?

EventOne uses Canon Rebel SL-1 SLR cameras.  We NEVER use webcams.

-Will lighting conditions at my venue affect image quality?

No!  EventOne uses a modeling light and external strobe that will deliver consistent quality images in any lighting conditions.

-Are the prints high quality?

Yes!  EventOne only uses professional grade dye sublimation printers.  Your photo prints will be of the quality you'd expect from taking your images to be developed professionally.

-How fast are the prints delivered?

Our sub dye printer delivers one 4x6 , 5x7, or two 2x6 photo strips in an average of nine seconds.

-Will every guest receive a printed photo?

Every guest who requests a print will receive one.

-What kinds of props does EventOne bring?

EventOne will bring a fun mix of party props and props tailored to your event (Holiday party, Wedding, Etc.).  EventOne will also leave adult themed props behind when working events where children are present.

-Can we keep the photo booth props EventOne brings to our event?

Unfortunately no.  All props remain the property of EventOne.

-Will there be an photo booth attendant at my event?

Yes!  All of EventOne's photo booths are run by at least one helpful and friendly attendant.

-How can myself or my guests see or download the photos from my event?

EventOne posts all images from your event on our Smugmug page.  All guests are welcome to view and/or download their photos.