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For The Ultimate Themed Event

EventOne is proud to offer our prop construction services for your themed event.  Imagine being able to bring your guests onto the bridge of a spaceship? Or maybe to the Old West. There is almost no limit except your imagination.

Built Custom Just For You!

EventOne's prop builders will design and build your idea for your event.  We do not recycle props from previous events as the props we build are YOURS to keep! (Unless Requested Otherwise)

Built For Your Budget

No matter the scale of the project, EventOne makes every effort to save you money.  We always use our creativity and resources to find less expensive solutions that look and work as well as more expensive alternatives.  Once a budget is set and agreed upon, EventOne will not go over it without your authorization.

Stay Involvved Every Step Of The Process

EventOne's staff will keep you involved during the design and construction process.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.  Any changes you want to made and were happy and were happy to work with you.

Time Frame

EventOne highly recommends that you contact us as soon s possible if you are planning a themed prop event.  Depending on the scope of the project there can be considerable lead time needed for design, construction, and revisions.

Agreements and Payments

Because of the expense involved with these projects, EventOne does require a signed agreement and a 50% deposit before construction can begin.  Deposits for construction costs cannot be refunded for cancellation purposes once the design process has begun.

Get in touch with EventOne today! Let's see what we can build for you!